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22" LCD Screen Arcade with 960 games
  • Product Code: 22-lcd-960-games
  • Availability: In stock, ask about build time.
Ex Tax: R13,913.04

22" LCD screen arcade with 960 games

This arcade boasts a wider screen than the classic size. 

We arent all the same size as we were back in the day hey? Wider screen allows for more space for 2 adults to stand side by side.  Enjoy all the best arcade gaming in style.


-Modern sleek and slim stylish cabinet.

-22' LCD screen

-Suitable for up to 2 players.

-Standard controls are paired with classic red ball top joysticks and traditional buttons. However, at your request, we can pair with any joysticks or buttons available in our range.

-Cabinet comes standard in full black.

-Optional custom decals available.

-The unit is fitted with a credit button, coin usage options available.

-To view games list, please downloaded here.

Photos seen are of previously complete customized arcades. All decals are subject to clients own preference and can be customized to you own specification. Actual arcade may be different due to each clients on specifications.

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