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19" Square LCD Screen Arcade Unit with Hyper Euro System 900 Games
  • Product Code: 19-sqr-lcd-hypereuro
  • Availability: In stock, ask about build time.
Ex Tax: R13,043.48

The list of the 900 games included with this Arcade Unit can be downloaded here.

·        Old school classic arcade shape with light up top marquee

·        Cabinet is standard black on the sides with a choice of red, blue, yellow or black in the front.

·        19’ Square LCD screen.

·        HyperEuro system with 900+ arcade games.

·        Credit button installed to push for credits.

·        Coin usage optioaln (front door, coin slot, cash box, lock)

Some photos are of previously complete customized arcades. All decals are subject to clients own preference and can be customized to own specification. Actual arcade may be different due to each clients own specifications.

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